• Dad: - What do you wanna become when you grow up Sofie?

    Me: - When I grow up I'm gonna change the world.


    I am Sofie, a Swedish small town girl with big dreams. Welcome to get to know my journey so far towards building a life with purpose, meaning and impact.

  • WHat defines me

    Let's start with some core aspects of who I am



    I know that if I keep stretching my comfort zone I will be presented with the opportunity to discover something new that can possibly enrich my life.



    I care deeply about the environment and I try to let this value influence all my life choices. Let's take care of our planet so it can take care of us.

    Make a difference


    Understanding my privilege and guided by a inner moral compass,  I know I have to dedicate my life towards making this world a better place.



    I know how to re-frame my perspective, be patient and focus on the solution instead of the problem, professionally as well as personally. 



    It comes very natural to me to read the social space and adapt to it. I truly thrive in environments where I can meet, listen to and help other people.



    By staying positive, using my creative skills and listening to myself and others I find this to be one of my strongest assets.

  • "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do"

    - Steve Jobs


    From driving forklifts and teaching Spanish to planning campaigns and writing proposals - I have collected skills from various sectors and countries.


    International Communications Assistant, São Paulo Brazil

    How do you connect dreams, ideas and people?


    My global experience and language skills are huge assets when spreading the work of Vivejar. I get this done by tapping in to my network, building partnerships, creating communication material and using my skills as a salesperson.  


    Vivejar is a eco tourism company that is specialized in community-based experiences in local traditional communities around Brazil.



    Research Assistant, São Paulo, Brazil

    How do you achieve good results the first time doing something?


    At Gastromotiva I discovered my passion for working with our food systems. I would get basic instructions and then run individually with the tasks from beginning to end. I was trusted to write proposals for big foundations like the World Bank, design content for workshops and translate important material. Not knowing how does not paralyze me, but drives me towards finding a solution.


    Gastromotiva is a Brazilian NGO that uses food as a social change agent. They provide vocational training in gastronomy to low-income communities in Brazil and Mexico.

    Foundation against Trafficking

    Project Manager, Stockholm, Sweden

    I will never forget the day I met one of the women that we could offer an internship through our project. I had managed to give her an opportunity to self-sufficiency by building a network of possibilities for this target group. I connected people and found partnerships because I'm structured, creative and have strong social skills.


    Apart from being responsible for the project, I also invented, planned, developed and executed (with no budget) the online campaign Not for Sale, which went nationwide in Sweden and generated a considerable income for our target group.


    The Foundation against Trafficking (Swedish abbrev. IMT), provides economical and social relief to trafficking victims in Sweden.



    Volunteer, São Paulo, Brazil

    I love to connect people, ideas and organizations across the globe. Brazil is an amazing country with so much potential that needs to be seen and heard by a greater audience. I therefore helped my friend to translate her web-site from Portuguese to English.


    Pró-Saber is a Brazilian NGO that provides pre-school education in the poor community of Paraisópolis in São Paulo.

    Toys 'r' us

    Retail Sales Assistant, Stockholm, Sweden

    What does it take to be responsible for the largest section in the biggest toy store in Sweden during Christmas?


    Anytime I need a job in between jobs Toys 'r' us wants me back. Why? Because I get to use some of my top qualities working in this environment. I love working fast, organized and effectively. Listening to people, attending their needs and connecting their ideas to a concrete solution. I am a great sales person when selling things I truly believe in.


    Toy 'r' us - the biggest toy store chain in Sweden.

    Swedish Church

    Volunteer, Stockholm, Sweden

    How did you ideally support woman working as sex-workers?


    For me this was a frustrating experience, to see these women, get to know their stories and not being able to do more. It was also eye-opening to realize what you wanted for their lives, was not always what they wanted for themselves. Sensing this field made me practice my empathy, patience and listening skills.


    Every Friday night at Malmskilnadsgatan in Stockholm, the Swedish Church provides warm drinks, food, and other necessities to the women working as sex-workers there.


    Eurogames Stockholm

    Volunteer, Stockholm, Sweden

    With no previous knowledge in the area I took on the challenging task of booking artists for the grand opening ceremony. Although completely unexperienced, with no network in the music industry and a tight budget, my resourcefulness, creativity and "get things done attitude" executed the task with good results.


    Eurogames is the world's largest LGBT sports event also hosting a program for culture and politics.


    Bar Ampére

    Barista & Mixologist, Melbourne, Australia

    Why I was offered a sponsorship to stay with this employer was because I'm good at verbal communication, dealing with stress and solving interpersonal problems while having a genuine voice. And of course not to forget, making delicious coffee and cocktails.


    Bar Ampére is a considered to be one of the best Bars and Restaurants in the city.



    Centro Maya Servicio Integral

    Volunteer, San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala

    It was heartbreaking to be confronted with the extrem inequalities that the children from the center faced in their communities. Although my efforts as a Spanish teacher and personal assistant would sometimes feel like a drop in the ocean, it gave me so much: how to appreciate a simpler way of life, gain new perspectives and to engage with people from different social and culture backgrounds without speaking the local language.


    Centro Maya is a a day care center for children with disabilities in a small village in Guatemala.


    BarBord Restaurant & Bar

    Bar Manager, Arvika, Sweden

    Fast, stressful and demanding, but also interesting, challenging and fun. Working as the Bar Manager was an extreme learning experience that tested my skills in teamwork, customer-awareness, persuasion and integrity.


    Barbord is one of the most popular restaurants and bars in my hometown.


    Logistics Manager, Oslo, Norway

    Coming into a male dominated environment as a young girl taught me a thing or two - one of which is how to drive fork lifts and not be intimidated easily.


    Imagine a warehouse with heaps of stocks and constant deliveries - remaining focused and organized to meet all the deadlines was one of the things I learned on the job as a logistics manager.


    WePack is a Norwegian company focused on packaging assignments.


  • "The great aim of education is not knowledge but action"

    - Herbert Spencer


    Here is what I have studied so far and where.

    Theory U

    MIT, online course | 2016 October - December

    In a 2 month long online and in person course I was introduced to Theory U - a framework and a method for leading profound change. I learnt how to look inside, understand my role in the world and shift the inner place from where I am operating. I also drastically improved my listening skills leading to more fruitful conversations.

    Social Innovation Management

    Amani Institute, Brazil | 2016 March - November

    I spent 10 months in São Paulo learning about social innovation and how to be a change-maker. Amani helped me find my true passion, own my story and how to creatively design solutions to global issues by using strategic methods.

    Peace and Development studies

    Uppsala University, Sweden | 2012 September - 2015 June

    What is development? How do we build peace after war? Does aid really help? And how can we make sure that we do no harm?

    These are just some of the very interesting questions that I covered during my 3 years as a student at Uppsala University.




    Exchange Studies

    University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa | 2014 January - June

    I decided to broaden my horizon and spend one semester at a University in a developing country. Apart from learning about South Africa in regards to language, religion and politics, what deeply left a mark was the experience of being a privileged white girl in a country that has witnessed so much racism.  



  • "Joy is the simplest form of gratitude"

    - Karl Barth


    In my free time this is what I like to do.


    Passionate about healthy eating

    I love eating good food as well as cooking it. I find it very interesting to learn about how food can either make us sick or cure our diseases. What I like most about cooking is doing it for others. Being a host, planning a dinner and having a delicious meal together is my best idea how to spend an evening.

    Food Projects

    At the intersection of many global problems

    My interest in food doesn't stop at cooking and eating, I am also very interested in how changing our current food-systems can help us solve many of the global problems today. I am currently developing a workshop about sustainable eating for children as well as working on an project related to food waste.


    Football, basketball, handball - you name it I have tried it

    I have played sports as long as I can remember and it has brought me so much joy in my life. Apart from it being pure fun, it has taught me many valuable lessons such as knowing when to hold myself accountable, learning perseverance, that hard work pays off, taking instructions and pushing my physical and mental limits.


    Journeys that opened up my eyes

    I have from an early age had the privilege to travel both with family and on my own. I love traveling because it makes me feel small, me and my problems have less and less significance, I gain perspectives, I value what I have and I get to meet people from different cultures that have enriched my life in a way I couldn't believe was possible.


    Do we share the same interests? Get in contact with me so we can explore opportunities of synergy! 

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